• นักแสดงนำ: Aey Chernyim / Jeab Chernyim / Anna Chuancheun / Noi Chernyim / Nan Kornbai / Yaiweaw Teesib / U-Eng Chernyim / Wo Chernyim / Apicha Lertliangchai / Pae Pattaradon / Tooktik Terdterng / Teng Neung Dokkadon
  • ประเภท: ภาพยนตร์ตลกล้อเลียน




Khun, a son of a wealth in Ayutthaya period before it was the 1st ruin. Chaba is a woman. who was Khun’s playmate since they were young. Both of they are engaged to be marry after Khun is ordinance. While Khun is monk, the Burmese solider come and kill all people in the village. His father is bad hurt. He tells Khun who is a monk to kill all of the enemies. Khun left to be the monkhood and help people in the village because he is a soldier before. But he doesn’t come in time and find out the body of his lover. Then he brings her body to bury under the banyan tree, there is a little shrine, Khun makes some mark at Chaba’s arm to tell her that he will love her every next life. Suddenly, there is lightning storm harcks at Khun and he is faint. After Khun wakes up and panics because of everything around him, he has never seen before. He has struck in the present time.