Nirvana Rebirth of Chinchilla


  • นักแสดงนำ: Gao Wenfeng, Moxi Wang
  • ประเภท: ภาพยนตร์เข้าโรง

Nirvana Rebirth of Chinchilla



To get the evidence of Prince of Xiangyang's rebellion, Chinchilla Bai Yutang heedlessly ventures into SKY-Scraping Tower and suffers a serious injury and hides himself in Jianghu. Bai Yutan receives the news that there is the magic herb for treating internal injury in Tanzhou, so he heads for Tanzhou. On the way, he saves Qiaoqiao and Hong'er and the three people travel together. Bai Yutang and Qiaoqiao fall in love with each other. After they arrive in Tanzhou, Bai Yutang learns that Qiaoqiao is the fugitive of the theft of pearl. He chooses to believe Qiaoqiao and help her to redress the injustice. They sneak into the villa of Ren Zhuan to investigate the case, and find that Ren Zhuan is the mastermind of the theft. Bai Yutang hands over the evidence of the crime to the imperial government and Qiaoqiao's family are cleared.