• นักแสดงนำ: Nui ChernYim / Pongneng Chernyim / James Chernyim / Joey Chernyim /Pang Gonbai
  • ประเภท: ภาพยนตร์ตลกล้อเลียน




This is a candid film about teasing super stars. How do the film makers plan to tease and who will be the targets? Let’s see the truthfully funny of the 3 teasing with 3 super stars.

1. “The Love Over” - Cast: Orachon Chernyim / Hon Babyjoke /
Nok Wanida Chernyim / Jit Banpong / Kaopun Gang
Or-ra-chon Chernyim was invited to show as an actress, Unsumarin, the VCD “THE LOVE OVER” which was in trend film at that time. Kobori, the actor, was dying. In that scene, Unsumarin was molested for the last time. In the mean time, the policemen visited and searched the shoot setting. They found many contrabands were hidden in her bag. While the policeman arrested her the director has negotiate. What will happen to Or-ra-chon? Let’s find out in “The Love Over”

2. “REVENGER” - Cast: Noi Chernyim / Tansika Mutimit /
Kallaya Nontsoungnirn / Jit Banpong
A No name actress girls were invited into the scene of Revenger film, to be a wife and love affair with Noi Chernyim, a millionaire. The scene was setting as the wife found out that the Noi had a love affair and was going to beat her. However, while the shooting Noi’s real wife who was a jealous woman, show up. How bad can this be? Please follow us in “Revenger”

3. “ HELLO SPOOKY” - Cast : Noi Chernyim / Bow Kornbai /
Napat Matchakua / Kanitha Ngamnonthong / O Babyjoke / Pay Banpong
“Hello Spooky” was an imitate T.V. reality. They create the situation to invite the beautiful girls to join the T.V. reality at the abandon house. While shooting, the police advice them to stop the shooting because there is a convict rapist ran away and hide around here. But the shooting cannot stop. During the shooting the rapist caught the girl to be a hostage. What will happen to the girl and the rapist?