Haunted Doll


  • นักแสดงนำ: Watchara Ruamphoree / Anongnat Pechdum / Nantapong Urit
  • ประเภท: ภาพยนตร์ไทย

Haunted Doll



Pen, Neung and Doungjai were shopping at the night market. They felt in love with a doll and bought it. The strange events began to occur regularly. Whether it's a voice from invisible or weird thing. It is often seen by people who had come up with over the years. They usually have nightmare about a woman who asked for help. Then both of them asked for the source of this doll to discover the truth it becomes haunted more and more. Then they found a sweat shop has the illegal foreign labor illegally and oppression, exploitation and suffering. Both have tried to solve out the truth of this mystery. As well as to find a way to help these workers, because they thought that doll tried to communicate with them all along, and they will succeed or not, the secret of this release or not. That is something not to be missed.